The GAYBCs aims to demonstrate our slow but sure cultural shift towards the normalization of LGBTQ+ terminology. The concept is demonstrated through the hand written design; appearing as though someone has picked up a regular ABC book and edited the content in hopes of spreading knowledge and awareness.


This book was awarded an Adobe Design Achievement Award as winner of the Social Impact: Photography/Print/Illustration/Graphic category. The video below is from the ADAA ceremony. 



Just like the original words and images in the book, the newly added ones should be basic knowledge so that their meanings are properly understood and embraced. A common cause for ignorance and hatred stems from a misunderstanding of the subject matter or lack of exposure to different perspectives.


One of the main goals for this book is to spark dialogue on the state of education, the taboo behind many of the newly added words, and how we as a society can further normalize LGBTQ+ terminology. All pages can be viewed on Behance.