This past November there was a request for proposals for designers to create all materials (posters, banners, media credentials, digital ads etc.) for the NYC Pride 2017 celebrations/events. The following graphics are the mockups that I included in my proposal. The 2017 theme is "We are proud."


The concept of the proposal was to have 17 characters (2017) scattered throughout all of the pieces to be "the faces" of the celebrations showing how no one community can be represented by a single person and no one community can be easily labeled.



The 17 faces of the event give a sense of strength and pride while shying away from the stereotypical images of LGBTQ+ individuals. A vibrant but soft colour palette was used to show the evolution of the community but stay true to the traditional array of colors seen at Pride events. 


The brush/hand-drawn style of logo's typeface is used as a contrast to the clean lines of the minimalist graphics. Using the same size circle eyes on each character represents similarities everyone shares.