seton hall athletics x under armour

A series of 5 social media graphics were created to launch the 2016 Seton Hall Men's Basketball Under Armour uniforms. The above graphic is for the Skyline Silver uniform, an ode to the New York City skyline which is visible from the Seton Hall campus. 


Executed solely in photoshop, the effects were created using custom paintbrushes. The concept was to create the illusion of specks of the old uniform flying off to unveil the new design.

baseballinRGB copy.jpg

seton hall baseball 2015/16

As one of the most successful and longest standing programs in Seton Hall history, the Men's baseball team wanted to throw it back with their modern promo materials. 


The 2015-2016 schedule poster was created with an old-school feel, using grainy effects and a custom vintage logo.